Sunday, October 3, 2010

What You Won't Do For Love?

It amazes me that I am just now realizing that people always associate nothing but good and purity with love. However, love is not pure, good or perfect only. Love is imperfect, its sadness, its pain and most of all it is hurtful. Don't get me wrong, love is happiness, kind and sweet as well but it is not this ideal perfection of sweetness that we always think it is. Yes love is hard because if it was easy than it wouldn't be love.

Just look at God's love for us. It's easy for God to love us but for us it is hard to show God the same love back and yes God gets angry and frustrated with us as mankind which is shown throughout the Bible and history in general. Still God has not given up on us as mankind but in fact his only begotten Son sacrificed his life to for us as mankind show how much God loved us. Therefore love is not perfect by any means and it can be hard to obtain as well as painful to understand.

We use the words, "I love you" as if it is water or food because we use it all the time toward any & everybody not really understanding that love is more than just words. Love is more than just actions and it is more than just words. In fact, love includes lies, deceit and hurtfulness but it also includes happiness, sweetness and kindness.

Its like what Tupac said, "What you won't do for love?" While so many of us would say we won't do this or that for love, we really don't understand that we already have by not doing the things we should have been doing to show God love. God has unconditional love for us no matter what we do but that day when we meet our maker, it will be an incredible thing to witness because that's when we will have to tell our Lord why haven't we loved him how he has loved us.

We do so much to show mankind we love them including hurt them, lie to them, treat them sweet and kindly but why haven't we done the same for our Lord. I know I am guilty of not treating God the way he should be treated. I have not loved God the way I should have loved him. That's why I had to ask myself what won't I do for love and the answer is, what haven't I already done.

I know you should not answer a question with a question but the reality is that that is the answer to the question for me. I have done so many things already that I have to ask myself what haven't I done for love already. I have lied, stole, cheated, been sweet & kind as well as hurtful & mean to obtain love but no matter what I did, I didn't really love because it wasn't God love. Now that I know that love begins & ends with God, I know that I didn't love anyone I said I love that includes family members.

I'm not going to pretend like I loved them or anyone because how could I when I didn't even know what love was. Now that I'm figuring out love it is easier for me to truly understand that we as a people will do anything for love except submit to God and admit to God that we have done him wrong in pursuit of love from mankind instead of in pursuit of love from God. I'm more guilty than most but its the truth. I only hope that I am forgiven when my time has come because I want to hear my Lord tell me "Well Done"

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