Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Not Going Back

This was a powerful piece I read today in a group I am apart of on Facebook & it goes with the word I heard yesterday in church about not going back. So I am not going back to my old way of life no matter what.

Look! The Lord will destroy the earth and leave it empty; He will ruin the surface of the land and scatter it's people. At that time the same thing will happen to everyone: to common people and priests, to slave masters, to women slaves and their women masters, to buyers and sellers, to those who borrow and those who lend, to bankers and those who owe the bank. The earth will be completely empty. The wealth will all be taken, because The Lord has commanded it. The earth will dry up and die; the world will grow weak and die; the great leaders in this land will become weak. The people of the earth have ruined it, because they do not follow God's teachings or obey God's laws or keep their agreement with God that was to last forever. So a curse will destroy the earth. The people of the world are guilty, so they will be burned up; ONLY A FEW WILL BE LEFT. Isaiah 24:1-23 Amen

Brothers and sisters we must obey God's rules, teachings, laws, and commands. Before we were born into this world God had already known what our lives would be like. Our lives were to immitate Christ. Some of us have chosen paths that God never designed for us to travel. We have left what God wants and have focused and what we want. This is called sin. Sin is a disease that dislocates us from God. It makes us blind to God's truth and has us stumbling as if we are drunk. God is waiting for us to change our wicked ways. I challenge you to send this message to EVERYONE in your email contacts list. We must hold one another accountable. As iron sharpen iron, man sharpens man. We must stop allowing our flesh to rule our bodies. We are the head and not the tail. God is going to punish this world because of sin. We must talk to people who are lost in sin. We were all lost at some point. There is a difference to being completely lost vs being saved and lost. We as Christians are held accountable for what we do. I encourage you to help me spread the Word of God, because the day will come when God will return and then it will be too late. I love everyone of you brothers and sisters in Christ. Let's make a difference in someone's life today. No more time for waiting on people, let's go and help them from sin. Amen  

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