Friday, October 1, 2010

Saying I Love You

I recently saw this tweet on twitter that said:
Don't say "I Love You" when you don't mean it, because when you mean it.. what will you say? -Philippos
So its clear to me that I never knew what love was and because of that, I understand that by when I said it to others that I never really meant it like I felt for my ex. In fact it was hard to try to tell my ex I love her and show her I love her that was different from the others I told I loved because I truly cared for her dearly. I know for a fact that I cared for her so much but even with her, I couldn't love her since I didn't know what loved is but I cared for her deeply. I cared for her more deeply than I cared for myself that it was unhealthy for my own health.

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